Sunday, 24 July 2016

Vivaldi Meets Robin Hood

After Tuesday's very hot temperatures, for us anyway, the forecast was for cooler weather with thunderstorms on Wednesday followed by more showery weather for the remainder of the week. Neither the thunderstorms nor showers turned up in Ossett and it remained on the warm side all week with temperature in the high to mid twenties Celsius. 
Temperature, Sunshine & Rainfall Records 18 July - 23 July 2016
In my last post I mentioned that I was going to lifted one of our Potato Day varieties Vivaldi as the haulms were starting to die back.
I cut off the haulms and peeled back the weed control fabric which lifted the roots to reveal some decent sized potatoes. There was 1.58 kg or 3.48 lbs on this particular root which I didn't think was too bad.
On closer inspection some of the tubers had been slug damaged but not too many.
We also managed a first picking of broad beans, Robin Hood, a short growing variety that only produces small pods but the beans are very tasty. Our earlier planted broad bean, Witkiem Manita, still has a few remaining beans but has nearly finished cropping so Robin Hood will add some continuity of cropping.
Vivaldi and Robin Hood were taste tested for dinner and both were very good. We might have a few problems choosing our potato varieties for next year.


  1. The potatoes look so fresh! Slug eat potatoes too! The real pest!
    Good luck with your potatoes type selection!

    1. There aren't many vegetables that the slugs don't seem to enjoy eating Malar.


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