Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ants On The Run

Tuesday wasn't too bad, at least we didn't have any more rain, we had some decent sunny spells but it was a bit on the breezy side. Wednesday on the other hand was a bit of a strange day. It was mostly cloudy but we did have a few sunny spells and even in the sunny spells it gave the impression it was going to pour down. The rain however stayed away for once.

In our home greenhouse we have some alpine strawberries, Regina, patiently waiting for their turn to be planted out in the allotment. The plants are getting rather large and aren't going to wait much longer to be planted out.
The plan is to plant them out in two rows either side of a couple of apple trees. This involves lifting the weed control fabric so that the ground where the strawberries are to be planted can be dug before some compost and fertilizer is added before the fabric is replaced and the new strawberry plants planted.
Ground dug over ready to incorporate compost and fertilser
Ground dug over ready to incorporate compost and fertilser
As I lifted up the fabric I wasn't quite ready for the army of ants that greeted me. They were certainly pretty annoyed at being disturbed. They frantically began moving their offspring underground to somewhere they thought was safer. The video below shows some of the action that took place.
It was a good job I got my camera quickly as the ants had all the larvae underground within a couple of minutes. I've got no idea what happened to them when the ground was dug over.


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