Friday, 29 July 2016

Was That It!

Thursday started off well enough but by lunchtime it had clouded over and the first few drops of rain began to fall. We set off to the allotment as I thought the tomato plants might appreciate a drink. A few minutes after we got there it started to rain a little heavier and so having watered the tomatoes we headed home with only a meagre picking of raspberries.
That turned out to be the heaviest it rained all afternoon. It drizzled for most of the afternoon but as far as watering the garden or allotment goes it was a complete waste of time. All in all we managed a total of 1.6mm, enough to wet the top of the ground and re-energise the slugs which had become a bit less active in the dry weather.

It also means that July 2016 won't become the driest July I've recorded over the last six years and July 2011 will hold onto the record with 23.0mm (0.91in). We've now had 24.4mm (0.96in) this month.


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