Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Where Are the Butterflies?

The weather's gone off a little bit over Sunday and Monday. It's cooled down a bit and has been mostly cloudy even threatening to rain at times but it hasn't.

On the plot Sue's avenue of buddleia bushes are looking good now they are in full flower.
The strange thing is though there aren't any butterflies visiting the flowers. We've plenty of bees but no butterflies. Sue's cut flower patch is also planted up to attract the bees and butterflies and is looking good as more and more flowers appear.
  If the butterflies aren't quick they're going to miss the best of the buddleia flowers.


  1. Same here in The Netherlands
    All in bloom, but only spotted two butterflies - bees are happy though !

    1. Good to know it's not just us missing the butterflies

  2. Gorgeous colour on that buddleia but disconcerting that there are no butterflies. I've had lots of gatekeepers in the garden but I've also seen buddleias completely devoid of butterflies. Let's hope they're just later than normal.

    1. We've had a few gatekeepers too CJ on our tayberry leaves. A few cabbage whites too.


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