Saturday, 16 July 2016

Strawberries Galore

Another non event day as far as summer weather goes as Friday was dull with some light rain after lunch and into the early afternoon.
It was a little bit strange in that after the rain passed through and although it remained dull the temperature lifted noticeably.

If you follow our blog posts you will have noticed that we've been harvesting lots of strawberries over the past few weeks.
Last spring we planted up our new strawberry beds with eight varieties of strawberries and this year they are providing their first real crop. I thought I'd total up the quantities of fruit that each variety has produced.

We've certainly had a much better harvest than we expected. With all the damp weather over the harvesting period we thought the slugs and snail would do far more damage than they have and fortunately despite the dampness we haven't lost very many berries due to mouldiness.  As you can see from the table the star performers regarding quantity have been Cupid and Fenella. The poorest performer has been Vibrant. Malwina is a late variety and we think the best tasting strawberry out of all our varieties. It still has plenty of berries to come compared with all the other varieties which are now coming to the end of their cropping period.

I'll update the table again when the strawberry harvest is complete.


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