Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Will They Be Okay?

Normal service was resumed on Monday and after a lovely sunny morning and early afternoon, the clouds rolled in. By late afternoon they looked a bit menacing.
We decided to make a hasty retreat from the allotments  rather than get wet yet again. We didn't manage three days in a row without any rain as we had a prolonged heavy shower as we arrived home.

Earlier in spring I decided to put some of our old recycling boxes to good use. They were filled with compost and then a few smaller growing tomato plants and a cucumber were used to fill three of the boxes. There was plenty of room in the plot greenhouse for the boxes to be left on the central path as I thought it would be a good idea to give the plants a bit of protection from the weather. The problem is they had completely outgrown this spot and the only option was to move them outside.
So for better or worse they have been moved outside for summer if it ever arrives. I've erected a bit of a makeshift wind break to protect them from the worst of any westerly winds. We'll see how they perform.

Our plum trees, greenhouse and shed should help with protection too so I'm hoping they'll survive and produce some tasty tomatoes and cucumbers. They've had a cosseted life in the greenhouse but now they're outside in the rough and tumble of the plot they may not be quite so happy.


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