Friday, 15 July 2016

Some Blueberry Protection

Still waiting for summer to start in Ossett. Wednesday and Thursday weren't too bad although we did have a heavy shower over Wednesday lunchtime but we still managed a trip to the allotment. Thursday was our sunniest day of the month to date but as you can see from the trace below it wasn't wall to wall sunshine.
On the plot we have a row of four blueberry bushes. The only way we've managed any sort of crop from these bushes over the years is by picking the berries as soon as they show any signs of changing colour from green to blue and allowing them to ripen off the bushes. The blackbirds seem to adore blueberries and aren't satisfied with helping themselves to raspberries and tayberries. All our jostaberries have magically disappeared from the plot this year too.  They've devoured all our cherries grown at home as well, in fact lots of our fruit this year has been for the benefit of the birds rather than us!
In an attempt to hopefully save a few blueberries from the blackbirds I've erected a make shift fruit cage around the bushes to try to keep off the blackbirds. We'll have to see if it works.


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