Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Might Be Our Driest July?

Tuesday was another dull day but we missed any showers that were about to finish up with another mild and dry day.
Rainfall & Sunshine Records July 2016
After a rather rainy start July is turning into a dry month. On the plot and in the garden the plants would welcome a good watering. So far our total rainfall for the month comes to 22.8mm (0.90in) and the driest July over the last seven years was in 2011 when we had only 23.0mm (0.91in)of rainfall. Will we have less than 2011? It's close.
Showers are still forecast for the next few days but then again they've been forecast for the last week or so and we've missed those. This post should guarantee a few good downpours by the end of the month.

On the plot what we think is a giant puff ball is suffering in the same way as any of our other crops left unprotected on the plot. It's being eaten. Last week it looked like this.
If we had have been tempted into eating it, last week would have been the ideal time. After a week or so on the plot it looks like this.
I like to think that all the slugs that have nibbled away at it have upset stomachs for their troubles.


  1. What is puff ball? Is it a mushroom? The slugs should have a learn a hard lesson! hahahaha....

    1. Hi Malar

      A Giant Puff ball is apparently an edible fungi so I've learnt. We decided not to test out its eating qualities. It's about the same size as a football.


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