Thursday, 29 June 2017

Dry Spell Ends - Big Time!

Well, we shouldn't have to water the plot on our next visit. It rained steadily all day on Wednesday and by the end of the day 21.2mm (0.83in) had fallen. That's our wettest day this year and the wettest since 21 November 2016 when we had 21.8mm (0.86in).
Wednesday isn't the wettest June day I've recorded which is still held by 22 June 2012 with 35.1mm (1.38in). It's worth noting that the vast majority of our wettest days fall during the summer months. June now has the highest rainfall of any month this year. 
Monthly Rainfall Totals for 2017
Wednesday's high temperature of only 12.2°C (54.0°F) is the second lowest I've recorded in June. The lowest was 9.6°C (49.3°F) on 03 June 2012. It's amazing how things can turn around in one day.

Needless to say gardening was on hold for the day.
I'm hoping that,  now our dry spell is over, I'll  be able to get on and dig over a few beds on the allotment. I may have to wait awhile though as it's still raining on Thursday morning.


  1. Up here yesterday was a respite day between two very wet days. To think Edinburgh only had 4.4mm in April and we have had 10 times that in one June day! (And another day of it today)

    1. Most of our rain over the last few months has come in dribs and drabs just enough to wet leaves but be of no use at all for watering plants. I'm guessing that now it's started to rain it won't know when to stop. Great not to have to water at the allotment though.


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