Wednesday, 7 June 2017

I Thought It Was Summer!

Tuesday would have been a grim wet and windy day had it been in October or November but given it was the beginning of June it made it even worse. The morning was wet and windy but through the afternoon, evening and the night the morning's strong wind became gale force.
Temperature & Hi Wind Speed Records for 06 June 2017
A gust of wind in the afternoon reached 29.0mph at 15:45 becoming the strongest I've recorded since beginning my records in 2010. The previous highest was 27.0mph on 02 June 2015. 
The wind hasn't abated overnight either and is continuing through Wednesday morning which has seen another record equalling gust of 29mph at 05:10. The garden has been on the receiving end of a real battering for over 24 hours.

I'm planning on a visit to the plot on Wednesday afternoon to assess any damage there from the gales.
Rather oddly on Wednesday morning we have blue sky and fluffy white clouds with a gale force wind. It's not very warm either with the current temperature at 13°C (55°F) at 09:20. Hopefully, the weather will improve a little as the day progresses starting with the gale force wind abating. 


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