Saturday, 10 June 2017

Extra Support

The weather's not been too bad since the gale force winds died down although Saturday morning has started off on a damp note.
Temperature & Rainfall 08-10 June 2017
We had a visit to the plot on a sunny Friday afternoon to see if we could undo some of the damage caused by the mid week gales. If only there was an undo button! The easiest job looked to be the cornflowers which now had a very dramatic lean.
We decided to use some of remaining coppiced hazel poles to create a frame. The difficulty is actually getting the hazel poles into the ground which remains stubbornly concrete-like despite some recent rainfall. Using my trusty wooden leek dibber knocked into the ground with a sledge hammer some poles were eventually coaxed into the ground.
A rustic looking framework of hazel poles completed, the cornflowers were a little bit more upright. I've still got to fathom out what to do about our cardoons or indeed if much can be done to recover them at all. They may have to remain as they are for the rest of the summer. The flowers, much adored by the bees, will still open even though the plants themselves have been blown about and spoilt by the wind.


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