Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Bit Nondescript

After our spell of hot weather last week the weather has turned a bit nondescript. Neither hot nor cold but it has remained dry and it's been a bit breezy. The best in the way of rainfall that we've had is a bit of light drizzle which hasn't been any good at all for watering the garden and allotment.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 19-25 June 2017
At the allotment we're spending more time harvesting on our visits. I'm certainly not complaining about harvesting after all if you can't be bothered to harvest crops there seems to be very little point growing them in the first place. In between harvesting and watering I'm trying to tidy up the area underneath our greengage trees. It's gradually become untidy and overgrown with thistles and nettles and makes looking after the trees a rather painful operation.
The first section has been cleared and covered with weed control fabric and wood chippings. Our old broken wheelbarrow has been filled with homemade compost and planted up with self sown nasturtium volunteers which Sue found around the plot. We've a couple more bags like the one in the picture which we'll fill with compost and plant up with a few different crops and see how they get on. 
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