Monday, 5 June 2017

How Firm Is Firm

Now I know that brassicas like to be planted in firm ground but I'm assuming that the bed I'd like to use for our winter brassicas is a little bit too firm.
This is how the ground looked on Sunday afternoon. I've been waiting for a few weeks now for a suitable opportunity to get this bed dug over but there's not much chance of that happening until we get some decent rainfall. The ground has gradually got dryer and dryer over the last two months as any rainfall has been so light that it's done nothing more than moisten the top of the soil. The good news is, if a forecast of rain can be good news, that plenty of rain is forecast over the next week.
The chart shown above is repeated on several days through this week as rainfall comes in off the Atlantic Ocean and passes over the UK. We will have to wait and see if the forecast turns out to be correct.


  1. dont like the look of the forthcoming weather rain yes but its already very windy here

    1. We've had little bit of rain today but we missed the very windy weather. Forecast is for it to last all week.


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