Saturday, 1 July 2017

Damned Statistics

Well, we look back at weather statistics and think that they make sense. I'm not so sure. We've done more watering at the allotment this June than we've done in a long time. The ground has been hard and dry with some parts having cracks up to an inch wide. It was un-diggable. However, June has finished up with not only above average rainfall for the month but it's finished up the wettest month of the year so far. All this down to three wet days at the end of the month.
Ossett Rainfall 2017
It was a hot June too, the hottest I've recorded but it failed to match the summer of 1976 which I believe remains the hottest in the last 100 years.

On the plot the rain magically turned our rock hard soil back into a workable condition. We harvested some more fruit, planted some Brussels sprouts for winter, and managed to get a bed cultivated ready for planting some other winter brassicas. 

I made a video of the state of the plot at the end of June.


  1. Rain make the soil more workable! ;)
    Nice video clip!

    1. It's dried up already and too hard to cultivate again!

  2. I read this post earlier but didn't comment. It makes me laugh. What you say is so true. My academic background is in climatology. The best example is desert rainfall. It might say 0.5 inch per year, but that is so misleading. It really means 2.5 inches one year averaged over five. Statistics do lie.

    1. Wow!! I'd best be careful about the weather data I post.


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