Monday, 19 June 2017

Hottest This Year

Sunday turned out to be a proper scorcher with the temperature soaring to 30.5°C (86.9°F) to become our hottest day this year. 
Temperature Record for 18 June 2017
We don't manage to make it into the 30's °C or above 86°F very often. Sunday was the seventh time since I started keeping records 7 years ago. It moved into fifth place in my all time highest temperature records.
The forecast for Monday is for a repeat of the high temperatures so it may become the first time I'll record two consecutive days above 30°C.

We went to the plot on Sunday afternoon. It was far too hot to do any serious plotting and we spent much of our time there watering what is now a very dry allotment. I did trim up our kiwi plants which form a mixed fruit hedge with some gooseberries.
It looked much tidier once the long straggly shoots had been cut back. I did spot a few surprises as I trimmed back the kiwi.
Cherry - Summer Sun
I spotted this little bunch of cherries left on the tree. They must be out of the reach of the wood pigeons as they've devastated the rest of the tree including most of the leaves. Maybe I'll try to cover these few remaining cherries or the blackbirds will finish them off as soon as they start to turn red.

I didn't think that there were any gooseberries but underneath all the kiwi foliage I discovered some rather nice looking berries.
I also spotted some kiwi flowers as I pruned back the long shoots.
We have two kiwi plants, a male and female and as is usual only the female plant has produced any flowers. In which case it probably means that we won't get any kiwi fruits but who knows we may be successful one year.

Now I must be honest and say a good downpour would be much appreciated as it would save us an awful lot of watering both at home and on the plot.


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