Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I Want It All!

Well I did blog about wanting some rain and that has arrived but what I didn't want with it was the accompanying gale force winds.
The roses which have just come into flower are taking a battering from the wind. The heads are bending over as they become heavy with water and the wind is stripping off the petals or in some cases the entire flower head.

The alliums too were almost at their best but in the wind they are now leaning over at a rather precarious angle.
Once again I think it's a combination of water and strong wind that the stem is unable to cope with. I'm hoping they'll straighten up provided the wind abates soon.
Temperature, Rainfall & Hi Wind Speed Records 05/06 June 2017
The wind picked up this morning and has continued to strengthen into Tuesday Afternoon. The temperature is doing the opposite and continuing to fall. By the middle of the afternoon it is down to 11°C or 52°F. (The storm total is the amount of rainfall without a 24 hour spell of dry weather.)

It's a good job we put in a late shift at the allotment on Sunday as it looks as though it might be a while before we make another visit. I did manage to make a video of our allotment progress before we left on Sunday. 


  1. Those graphs you've posted are pretty impressive. And a bit scary

    1. I don't know about the scary graphs but the wind was scary. It's abated today (Thursday) after a couple of unusually windy days for June.


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