Thursday, 15 June 2017

Hot and Dry

Wednesday was the hottest day of the month as the afternoon temperature rose to 26.5°C or 79.7°F. It didn't take over the hottest day of the year which is still the 25 May 2017 when the temperature reached 28.6°C or 83.5°F.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 01-14 June 2017
However, rainfall so far this month has been on the sparse side with only 24.0mm (0.9 in) to date. Following on from drier than average April and May the garden and allotment are certainly on the dry side and in need of watering. On the plot I thought that this month's rainfall might be enough to allow me to cultivate one of the beds that we want to grow some winter brassicas in. If you remember I posted a photo of the cracks in the ground due to the dry conditions.
photo taken on 02 June 2017
The little bit of rain this month hadn't done much to help but at least I managed to get the cultivator to break up the surface of the soil.
The cultivator certainly found the ground hard to work to the full depth of the tines so my next job will be to work over the bed using a fork to loosen up the ground below before hopefully using the cultivator to complete the job. I've got a few weeks left to get this done before our winter brassicas need planting out. We might even get some decent rainfall to help me out before then.

I've made a video showing the progress our potatoes are making on the allotment. They've recovered well from the frost damage they had in early May.


  1. Hot and dry here, too. Dry goes without saying. An extended heat spell with temperatures hovering around 90F through the 24th, has been forecast with dire warnings about staying out of the sun. I started out in the garden before the sun came up at 5:40 today. It's quite the best time of day!

    How do you water such a large area?

    1. There's lots of the plot that we don't water. None of our fruit gets watered and unless it gets really dry the potatoes don't get watered. I assume that eventually they will get some rain before it's time to dig them up.


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