Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Another of Those Days

Monday was a poor day considering we're heading towards mid June. A little bit of light rain in the morning was just enough to wet the ground and it was accompanied by a very strong breeze. Not up to the gale force winds of last week but it was enough to put us off an allotment visit.

It did give me a chance to finish editing some video of our plot greenhouse which is in the process of transitioning from plant propagation unit into its summer mode of growing tomatoes, peppers and aubergines.

I think our resident blackbird might now be raising a second brood of young. The first youngsters are still about in the garden making use of the feeding and washing facilities we provide.
I think this is one of the youngsters taking a bath this morning. However, the adult blackbirds are still flying in and out of our camellia bush so I'm presuming more chicks can be expected.


  1. That's good harvest of potatoes! Look so fresh!
    Soon more birds in the garden!

    1. We can hear lots of young birds in the garden but not see them.

  2. The thing that impresses me most of all is your coriander. It looks in peak condition and hasn't bolted. What's the secret? I am resisting emptying out my one sack of potatoes - but it won't last now I've seen this!

    1. That coriander has done well and I'm surprised it hasn't bolted growing in the greenhouse. I've now got to resist the temptation to start digging our plot potatoes. Like you my resistance won't last for long.


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