Saturday, 3 June 2017

In Broad Daylight!

Friday was another of those damp days when it tried to rain at times but never managed anything of any use.
Temperature & Rainfall Record for 02 June 2017
I say it's of no use as far as watering the garden goes but it seems it's just what our snails love. That record of rainfall at 11:30 on the chart above took most of the morning to accumulate but it meant that plant leaves were damp all morning.  The condition meant the snails couldn't resist the temptation to graze our front garden even in broad daylight.
No need to go out in the dead of night with a torch to collect the marauding minibeasts this was just after lunch as we were getting ready to visit the allotment for the afternoon.
They were collected up and disposed of in the garden waste bin. The two heading up the side of the bucket making a bid for freedom didn't make it. They've a week in the bin with our green waste before it's collected for composting.

It's a constant battle trying to keep young seedlings from being eaten by what seems to be ever increasing numbers of slugs and snails.


  1. Snails are my enemy too! They are everywhere and difficult to be controlled!

    1. Damp weather again today so the snails will be out in force yet again.


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