Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Triple Record Breaking Hot Day

Tuesday was a triple record breaking day as the temperature once again soared to 31.6°C or 88.9°F. Monday took over from Sunday as our hottest day of the year. It was also the first time I've recorded two consecutive days when the temperature has been above 30°C and it was also the equal hottest June day I've recorded since 27 June 2011.
Temperature & Solar Radiation Records for 18-20 June 2017
It's kept me busy updating my table of the top twenty hottest days. Here's the new updated version.
It wasn't a day to do much gardening more a question of keeping as cool as possible.
We did have a very quick harvesting session in our greenhouse to pick our apricots. As one had already fallen off the tree we took it as a sign that they were ready for eating. Still warm from the afternoon sunshine they tasted extremely good.

The forecast is for the weather to return to more normal temperatures so gardening activities may be about to return to normal too.


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