Thursday, 8 June 2017

Storm Damage

Tuesday and Wednesday were windy, very windy especially considering it's June.
Temperature & Hi Wind Speed Records 05-07 June 2017
The gale force wind abated almost as suddenly as it arrived but according to the weather forecast it should have died down much sooner than it actually did. We did get some rain mixed in with the gale force winds but it was a bit of a mixed blessing as I'm sure the wind has done more damage than a few more days of dry weather would do.

I'd seen the weather forecast so when we were on the plot late on Monday evening I took a little bit of video of our cardoon plants. Even if I say so myself they were looking pretty impressive on Monday but I'm aware that they don't deal with strong winds very well.
It or rather they as we do have two plants standing well over 6 feet or 2 metres tall so I've never really considered any form of staking for them. Maybe from now on I should but for this year I think it might be a little bit too late.
This is the same plant after it had been battered by the gale force winds for a couple of days. I'm considering what measures to take to see the cardoon through the rest of summer.

At least the cardoon isn't a productive vegetable for us as we've never quite worked out which bit of the plant we would use as a vegetable. The storm has damaged some of our crops ranging from breaking smaller branches on fruit trees to snapping our newly planted sweet corn plants.

I'm in the process of editing a video of the damage the winds caused on our plot which I will post as soon as it is processed. For now though. it's nice to be having some light rain without a gale force wind accompanying it.


  1. Not so much storm here, but plenty of rain!

    1. Lots of storm and not much rain here.


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