Monday, 3 November 2014

Where’s All My Wood Ash Gone?

Sunday was another fine November day and once again on the mild side with a high of 14.3°C. It’s going to be a real shock to the system when the cooler weather arrives.

We had an afternoon trip to the plot to do a little more tidying up. My first task was going to be to spread out the wood ash from yesterday’s bonfire. That didn't take me long at all.
To my surprise there wasn't anything left at all. I was expecting a nice heap of wood ash but the bonfire had burnt away to virtually nothing with just a dusting of ash left on the surface.

With that job done very quickly I decided to make a start on preparing our new strawberry bed for next year. As the plants will be in the ground for a few years I want to make sure the ground is well dug and prepared before planting. The roots of last year’s sweet corn plants were dug out and the edges of the bed cut back, before the ground was dug over.
I didn't make much effort to break the soil down into a fine tilth as the winter’s rain and frost will do that for me. Some old compost used to grow this year’s tomatoes was spread on the soil after it had been dug. The other half of our new strawberry bed still has some beetroot growing in it and it may well be next spring before I get round to digging this patch over once the beetroot has been removed.

We now need to decide on our favoured strawberry varieties and get them ordered. 


  1. We're about to have our bonfire and I do hope we get a bit more ash than you did! Fingers crossed for a huge bumper crop of strawberries in your patch.

    1. You'll struggle to get less than me! Have a great bonfire night.

  2. I'll be putting in new strawberry plants soon, once the other things have been eaten or moved. It won't be vast, but it's just in case all of the fruit at the allotment is eaten by the beasties.

    1. All about taste rather than quantity when it comes to strawberries.


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