Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Day of Two Halves You Might Say

Friday morning was wet with heavy rain on and off throughout the morning. To make matters worse it didn't seem to want to be bothered to get light either. By lunchtime we’d had 7.0mm of rain and it was still dark.
Lunchtime arrived and suddenly everything changed. It stopped raining and the sun came out and everywhere looked much brighter.
We could do with a trip to the plot to harvest a few vegetables but after all the morning rain we decided to leave our trip until Saturday hoping that everywhere might just be a little bit drier. After several days of near constant temperature of around 10°C all that changed as we moved into Friday night as the temperature headed downwards rather quickly.


  1. I hope you managed to get to the plot today. It's been foggy here just about all day, a real miserable day.

    1. No we didn't manage a trip. A proper November day here too - foggy, cold, and damp.


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