Saturday, 22 November 2014

Squashed Out

Friday didn't continue the theme of slightly brighter days and the really dull dismal November weather returned. It started to rain in the middle of the afternoon and continued into the night.
Any lingering doubts I had at the back of my mind about doing a little bit more autumn digging on the plot can now be discarded as Friday’s rainfall of 13.0mm will certainly mean the soil is too wet to dig.

I did manage to use up the first of our stored Crown Prince squashes. 
 It was certainly a bit of a beast to get into. I think a good clean saw would be the easiest way to cut one of these in half but whilst I have a saw I wouldn't want to use it on something I was going to eat. After lots of effort with a large knife I managed to cut the squash into two so that the seeds could be removed before cooking the squash.
I decided to cook the squash first and see just how much weight of prepared squash flesh I would get out of my Crown Prince. Once cooked I measured out the 450gms required for my pumpkin pie and that left me with another 800gms of squash to use. I decided to freeze 450gms, enough to use in another pumpkin pie, and the remaining amount was added to a stew as a thickener.
The pumpkin pie turned out looking well as shown above but before we gave it the taste test I realised that I hadn't added any sugar to the pie. Fortunately it wasn't the disaster I thought it would be and despite its lack of sugar the pie tasted  pretty good. The squash is on the sweet side to start with and there’s the addition of a few spices so the sugar wasn't missed too much. Making the pie again I might not add the full 75gms of sugar recommended in the recipe in any case.

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. Pie looks great and probably much better not adding the sugar. I never add all it says in any recipe as i find things far too sweet. I like you wanted to get some more digging done but the heavy rainfall, on top of what we have had already means I cant now. So I plan to cover over what I can to stop the weeds growing any more. We have heavy clay soil here.

    1. Pie all gone now Alan. I'll be leaving the sugar out next time i make it.

      Our soil is on the clayey side too so it's best to leave it well alone when it gets wet.


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