Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hottest Halloween Ever - We Frost Protect Carrots

As widely forecast it turned out to be the hottest Halloween ever for some. While London managed 23.6°C we managed a very respectable 19.3°C. Friday morning was lovely and sunny to go with the mild temperature but the afternoon spoilt itself by clouding over.

Unfortunately these temperatures aren’t here to stay and there’s still a forecast for some cold frosty weather by the middle of next week. With this in mind we decided to make the most of the pleasant weather and get our carrots, parsnips and beetroot wrapped up for winter under a  protective duvet of straw.
On the way to the plot we called in at the local farm for a couple of bales of straw which nicely fit in the back of the car.
Carrots and Parsnips
Unless we have a really severe winter our vegetables will be fine and should keep in good condition right through to next spring. It seems the easiest way to protect them over winter and certainly far less trouble than digging them all up and storing in boxes of damp sand.

The mild spell has meant that our raspberries Joan J and alpine strawberries are still producing a few berries which are a real treat this late on into autumn.


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