Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lots to See At Old Moor

After the drab weather over the weekend Monday was forecast to be bright and sunny but chilly. We decided on a visit to RSPB Old Moor to make the most of the brighter weather. To be honest the day wasn't as bright as forecast with the sun remaining behind light cloud for most of the day but it was much better than the weekend had been. 
Our last visit to Old Moor had been a little bit disappointing as far as photographic opportunities were concerned with most of the birds staying well out of range of our camera lenses. Our luck seemed to be in on Monday though.  
Our first stop was at the Bird Garden hide and it was a difficult choice to decide who to photograph first. As we arrived so did a great spotted woodpecker, a couple of reed buntings were busy feeding along with a male bullfinch. There were lots of chaffinches and greenfinches happily feeding from the plentiful supplies of seed.
It becomes a challenge to try to capture the birds more in their natural surrounding than sitting on a feeder. This upright log with holes filled with food seemed a great idea for attracting the woodpecker.
I couldn't help but try this shot as the woodpecker got a little bit closer but I might have extended my zoom lens range a little bit too far loosing a bit of detail.
After the Bird Garden hide we had a wander around the rest of the reserve and found plenty of ducks to photograph. There were lots of cormorants around the lakes too but well out of photographic range apart from one who decided to give us a display of his fishing expertise or lack of it. It will be coming as a short video clip once I've had time to edit the movie clip. 

By mid afternoon the cloud seemed to melt away and the sun came through giving a lovely if somewhat chilly end to the day.
A few more days like this would be most welcome.


  1. Beautiful photographs, your luck was definitely in. I especially like the woodpecker.

    1. Thanks CJ.

      I've still got about 100 woodpecker photos!! Must delete some - but which ones.


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