Sunday, 16 November 2014

Waste Not - Want Not

Saturday turned out to be the sort of November day I hate. It was dull, damp and misty for most of the day. It wasn't the wettest, coldest or dullest day of the month but perhaps it’s just that it continued a succession of dull and dreary days.

We still haven’t made that trip to the plot for any fresh vegetables. The weather’s put us off but our fresh vegetables are almost used up.
These few carrots left as the “odds and sods” from our last harvesting trip are all we have unless we dip into our freezer supplies. Surprisingly we do have a few “fresh” tomatoes to use up along with a red pepper and some very small green ones.
This is all that remains of the left over tomatoes and peppers that I took off our plants when the home greenhouse was cleared back on 15 October. They've been left outside on the patio table to ripen under some shelter so at least they’re kept in the dry. The tomatoes are a yellow variety so I'm not expecting them to turn red. I might get a bit of decent red pepper to use too.
For comparison this is how the collection looked back in October when the greenhouse was cleared. So far nothing that was in the tray has been consigned to the compost heap but it does now look like a few wrinkly tomatoes and peppers might find their way there soon. 


  1. I love the look of that dark pepper that has a hint of red at the top, they're my favourite when they're like that. I have a couple of chillies to use, otherwise nothing exotic is left, just the hardy green leaves.

    1. We're down to standard winter veggies now.


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