Friday, 21 November 2014

Not a Westerly and Is Spring Here Already?

Wednesday and Thursday both had spells during the day that weren't too bad but in generally they followed the now well established weather pattern of dull and mild weather.

I bet the Met Office don’t have this problem. One of our regular wood pigeons has taken up a vantage position on the top of my weather vane. Not for the first time I might add. I think he or she prefers it if the wind vane indicates a westerly wind direction and “Woody” arranges the vane accordingly even if the wind is from the east.
Whilst I was having a quick mooch around the garden as I filled up the bird seed feeders for the likes of Woody I couldn't help but notice the first few spring bulbs are breaking through the soil surface.
I’d image they’re usually covered in fallen magnolia leaves for most of the time but the blackbirds are constantly rummaging through the leaves for any insect life and have left these shoots uncovered. I wonder if these bulbs are normally pushing their shoots up by the end of November?


  1. I've heard a couple of people mention that bulbs are up. Love the photo of the pigeon. I have a vision of him spinning round faster and faster if the wind blows.

    1. I've seen him have a gentle rotate. Must get some video.


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