Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Mildest October But Only On a Recount

Monday was certainly much cooler with temperature more like we might expect for early November with the thermometer only managing to reach 11.4°C. Colder days are forecast for the rest of the week. Autumn has arrived.

November, however can already boast one record and that’s the warmest November day in the five years I've had my weather station. On Saturday we managed 17.6°C beating my previous record of 17.3° set on 04 November 2010. I hope that’s not an omen as 2010 turned out to be a particularly cold winter.
I added this chart to my web site on 01 November 2014 except that it showed 2013 and 2014 tied as equal mildest with 12.1°C. I noticed a slight discrepancy between two different pieces of software that each calculate the average temperature for the month. I've adjusted my figures and October 2014 becomes the mildest by the merest of margins 0.1°C.  We've now had three out of five Octobers with very similar averages of 11.9°C, 12.0°C and 12.1°C.
Following on from a very dry September we've had the driest October of the last five years too although with 41.0mm of rainfall it’s been enough to make soil conditions good for autumn digging.
The forecast colder conditions have arrived as the early morning temperature on Tuesday was down to 1.4°C giving us our first frost of autumn.


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