Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Brief Cold Snap

Thursday brought us a brief cold snap with our first real frost of the season compared with Friday which brought us our first wet day of the month.
Temperature and Rainfall starting 06 Nov 2014 to 08 Nov 2014
If you look carefully at the rainfall you’ll see there was a dry spell between 09:00 and midday on Friday. We decided to go shopping just before lunchtime on Friday timing our outing to coincide perfectly with the heaviest downpour of the day around midday. 

In the garden our medlar tree is in it its autumn colours.
I suppose it’s a reminder that this is the tree that gives us our final fruits of the season if only we could work out exactly when they are ready to pick and eat.
Like the leaves, the fruits take on a lovely autumnal tinge but I tested this particular fruit and it’s still hard and there’s no sign of it bletting. Bletting involves the fruit going beyond its ripening stage but not rotting. It’s a fine line between bletting and rotting and one I haven’t mastered yet.

Even though we don’t make much use of the fruit the tree is well worth its place in the garden as not only does it produce excellent autumn foliage and fruits that hang on the tree into late autumn but also lovely spring flowers too.  
Now if only we could sort out how to use the fruit!


  1. The flower is exquisite. I saw medlars for sale the other day - not many takers though. The rain around here is carefully timed to coincide with the school run every afternoon. The first Bewick's swans arrived at Slimbridge in Thursday, a sure sign that temperatures have dropped.

    1. I've never seen any medlars for sale CJ.

      I noticed that Slimbridge had posted on their Facebook page that the first Bewick's swans had arrived.


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