Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Bonfire Night Scare

That cold snap is certainly here now with the temperature not even managing to reach double figures with a daytime high of around 9°Cish on both days.

As it runs all my weather data my PC runs 24/7 otherwise I would have to sort out all sorts of times when data was and wasn't downloaded from my weather station or uploaded onto the Internet. In short it’s easier to leave it running. However, like all PC’s is does sometimes cry enough and demand a reboot. Bonfire night morning was one such occasion when it decided enough was enough and just ground to a halt. Even the dreaded little blue circle froze in its motion signalling nothing else was going to be processed. Then the panic as it didn't want to reboot. Windows opened and little desktop shortcuts started to form and then everything went into suspended animation. I waited and waited but nothing progressed. After several switching on and offs, well lots of on offs, as well as disk scanning taking place it eventually sprung back into some form of life. Steadily things started to return to some semblance of normality. I really was regretting not having a recent backup.

Last week we moved some chrysanthemums from the allotment back into the home greenhouse for protection against the worst of the weather and hoping for a few late cut flowers into late autumn at least.
These two spent spring in the house bought as pot mums from the local supermarket. As you will know we, especially Sue, don't like to throw plants away so after a spell inside they spent summer planted out on the plot.
Our clematis which climbs over an arch is still trying to flower despite a couple of cold days and even colder nights.

The early hours of Thursday gave us our coldest temperature of autumn so far as the temperature fell to -0.5°C at 04:15.


  1. Glad you got the computer up and running. Ours takes ten to fifteen minutes of jiggery pokery to get it going in the morning. I put a hot water bottle on top of it yesterday to see if that would help. That's about the extent of my technical knowledge.

    1. I'm dreading turning my PC off again. It took me about 4 hours to get it going. I'm trying to make back up copies of my important files and pictures before it stops again.

      I don't think the hot water bottle treatment would have helped mine.


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