Friday, 14 November 2014

Rubbish Forecast Turns Out Right!

That forecast from the Met Office that I posted on Tuesday’s blog has turned out to be accurate. The weather for the last few days has been pretty poor as the forecast suggested.
Temperature and Rainfall from Tuesday 11 Nov to Thursday 13 Nov 2014
I haven’t posted the daily sunshine record as there hasn't really been any amount of note with only 30 minutes of sunshine hours recorded over the three days. That was in a little bit of a brighter spell on Wednesday afternoon. The temperature has remained remarkably consistent over the three days with only a little bit of a dip late on Wednesday otherwise it’s been around 10°C, mildish for the middle of November.

The rainfall has  amounted to 4.2mm over the three days and it’s probably brought tidying up on the plot to an end for this year. I don’t like treading on saturated soil so trips to the plot will more than likely be for harvesting our remaining winter vegetables.
In that brighter spell on Wednesday afternoon I managed a little bit of tidying up at home and sorted out the rubbish that had accumulated by the garage. I hope it’s obvious which is the before and after shot. It also involved cutting back a climbing rose and a honeysuckle which were supposed to be climbing along the trellis but had escaped and were doing their own thing. I did manage to find one rose in flower which I couldn't consign to the Council recycling bin.  
Thursday’s damp and dull weather did give us chance to sort out our weekend photographs from Clumber Park and get them uploaded to our Zenfolio web site which can be found by clicking here or on the image below.


  1. That's a good job of tidying done there. I hope you didn't just move it somewhere else...

    1. Just moved stuff for photo opportunity CJ.

  2. Beautiful red rose and nice job tidying.


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