Friday, 28 November 2014

Duller and Duller

I might have mentioned in yesterday’s blog for Wednesday that Wednesday was our dullest day of the month. Well it didn't hold the record for long as a drab, dreary and damp Thursday took over the record. Not much rain fell but it came more in drizzle than proper rain.

Sue ordered three new rose bushes last week, which I'm sure Sue will writing a blog post about soon. This time of year roses come bare rooted and so can’t just be left until conditions improve. On a wet Thursday I didn't fancy trampling all over wet soggy soil to plant them in their final locations so they've been heeled in until conditions improve.
I could reach this little bit of ground without having to walk on the soil or grass so our new rose bushes have this spot as their temporary home.


  1. I managed to plant my two new apple trees today, but I've got a rose to go in as well. As I type I can hear it raining again though. At least it will water in the trees.

    1. I didn't bother to water our rose bushes in. The soil was already wet and claggy so they should be okay.


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