Monday, 10 November 2014

Missed It!

Saturday was dull with a little more rain to add to the monthly total. Sunday in complete contrast started off sunny and cold although it did cloud over a little in the afternoon.

We decided on a trip out on Sunday to do a little bit of steam train photography. The plan was to head into Lincolnshire to photograph ‘The Robin Hood’ on its journey from London St Pancras to Lincoln. As it wasn't due to pass our chosen location until the middle of the afternoon our plan was to spend some time in the morning and early afternoon at the National Trust Property -  Clumber Park.
It’s usually a good place for a bit of wildlife photography with lots of geese, swans and ducks feeding down by Clumber Lake.
The low angle of the sun at this time of year gave a rather prehistoric look to this photo of a couple of cormorants making the most of the little bit of warmth still in the sunshine. 

Besides walking by the lake there’s a lovely walk through the woods back to the Visitor Centre. There’s a few very large old tree stumps which have bird seed scattered on them. They prove to be very popular with the local bird life. A visitor to one of the tree stumps was a nuthatch but for most of the time it kept its back to the camera refusing point blank to pose nicely. In the end it decided to give us a quick opportunity for a decent photo.
Of course being a wooded area with free food on offer the local grey squirrel population can’t resist the temptation. It’s hard not to take their photographs as they dash about the forest floor but I was looking to find a bit of a different shot. The squirrels were busy finding nuts and burying them amongst the piles of fallen autumn leaves. This one couldn't resist a quick snack half hidden by the bushes and fallen leaves.
Catching the birds in the trees rather than feeding on the tree stump was a bit of a challenge. If only they would stay still for a little longer. It’s as if they know exactly how long it takes me to spot them perching on a branch, zoom in, focus and press the shutter. As my finger moves to press the shutter they take off.
This great tit was a little slow off the mark.

The steam train photography wasn't at all successful as we arrived at our chosen spot as the train arrived. There was no time to find a decent spot or consider any camera setting or any obstacles that might spoil the view of the train. The video has been consigned to the cutting room floor. Sue did at least manage to point the camera at the the train and get a couple of photos. At least we didn't have to hang around waiting for the train to arrive. It was just as well we’d had an enjoyable few hours earlier at Clumber Park. 


  1. A shame about the train, but you've got some other lovely photos there. I love one of the cormorants and the squirrel.

    1. I just cut it too fine wanting one last bird piccy at Clumber Park.


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