Monday, 18 August 2014

Whatever Happened to August?

Well by Monday morning the wind had died down. Sunday had been quite sunny but with a gale force wind for most of the day it was very unpleasant not at all like August.
The strongest gusts were from mid morning to late afternoon when it overturned our Kiwi, Black Elder and bird feeding station. For the record the updated table of wind speeds to Monday morning now looks like this.
The forecasters are now turning their attention to a cold blast of air coming from the north with overnight temperatures down into single figures with the possibility of a frost in some unlucky spots. With daytime temperatures predicted to be in the low to mid teens it’s not going to be a mild week by any means.
As I said whatever happened to August?
Amazingly our first flower on our Bishop of Llandaff dahlia survived the gales intact. This afternoon we’re hoping to make a trip down to the plot to inspect the aftermath there.

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  1. Lovely dahlia, that's my favourite one. Mine's looking horrible, it needs some tlc I think. I'm wondering if it's the right time to take some cuttings, I think it needs regenerating.


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