Friday, 22 August 2014

August Records May Tumble

Thursday was another poor day for August. The sun never managed to break through the heavy cloud cover and that also kept the temperature down to a disappointing 16.6°C. Some rainfall late evening and overnight into Friday morning brought our total for the month up to 81.2mm.

As we move into, more or less, the final week of August I updated the charts on my weather web pages. This month could set a few unwanted August records based on my records for the last five years. It could turn out to be:
  • The coldest 
  • The wettest
  • The windiest
  • And finally least sunny

It’s certainly been the windiest August of the last four years for which I have records. If the average temperature drops another 0.2°C by the end of the month it will become the coldest whilst another 3.4mm of rainfall will make it the wettest too. As for sunshine we need to manage another 23.3 hours by the month’s end to prevent it taking the least sunny record too.

Updated records for August 2014 can be found on my web site here.


  1. Not at all surprised ! It feels like late September here ... so disappointing !

    1. We've got a clear sky for Friday night so it may well be pretty chilly tonight. Let's hope September warms up a bit.

  2. It's been quite chilly here, with some really heavy downpours. No need to do much watering. But those tomatoes aren't ripening much.

    1. Missed the showers through the day on Friday but our tomatoes remain stubbornly green too.


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