Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Rainfall Update

Well the rain had stopped for a little while so here’s an update of the rainfall total up to 16:00 on Sunday. Our current daily total is 19.2mm making it the 14th wettest day I’ve recorded.
As I'm about to post this update it’s started to rain again.


  1. I'd sent Mick to the allotment to do a little harvesting in the lull, in the meantime the heavens have opened and I thought he'd be caught in it, but he'd seen it coming and managed to get back to the car just in time. Still, I've got the beans I need for the next few days and enough courgettes for Eleanor to make stuffed courgettes for tea on Tuesday. Friday was awful here, cars were up to their windows in rainwater. I thought Mick was exaggerating when he told me what he'd seen but I've found photos on the internet. Sandbags were being given out at the fire station, houses near us needed them. Surprisingly, it had all cleared by yesterday. I think those sandbags will be needed again this evening, it's really coming down now. It seems heavier now that it did on Friday.

    1. Fortunately for us we missed the really heavy rain on Friday. Saw all the pictures of flash flooding on Twitter around Pontefract and Castleford so I guess we were lucky to miss it.

      Still keeps trying to rain here (19:00) and the wind is getting up too. I guess there's potential for lots of damage if it becomes gale force with trees in full leaf. August isn't normally a very windy month.

      I'm not planning to do any watering on the allotment next week!!


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