Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Moving Inside

The weather’s been so poor of late that a couple of hours of sunshine on Tuesday afternoon felt like summer had returned. After a cool dull morning the sunshine tempted us out into the garden.

Our apricot “Flavourcot” and Nectarine “Fantasia” have now been moved into the greenhouse in an attempt to stop peach leaf curl fungus attacking the plants. A cause of this can be due to winter rainfall so the trees will have some protection and hopefully some lovely leaves and fruit next year.
Our pot grown apple tree “Baya Marisa” suffered a little bit in the July heat. The pot it was in was a little too small to keep the tree watered so it’s been moved into a much larger pot where hopefully it will be convinced that it’s really growing in the garden.
Looking at the pot in the photo it doesn't look that large but it’s almost 600mm wide at the top and full of compost it’s not exactly manoeuvrable. 

That just leaves our peach tree to move inside the greenhouse and once that is done we will have some space outside for some more potted fruit trees. 


  1. It's all looking beautifully green outside the greenhouse. I hope you manage to avoid peach leaf curl next year.

    1. Looking green is thanks to the 98.8mm of rain this month.

  2. Looking good you given me an idea to try and move my peach tree into the green house have a blessed week

    1. Have you suffered from peach leaf curl too Linda?


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