Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hot and Wet!

Friday got August off to a mixed start. It was a mild and muggy day with lots of cloud and a bit of light rain in the afternoon. We went for a walk around RSPB Fairburn Ings and had to take shelter in one of the hides for a few minutes whilst the rain shower passed over. The forecast heavy showers for the evening and overnight into Saturday didn’t materialise. 
Although July has had some lovely sunny days with temperatures into the high twenties centigrade it’s finished a little cooler than last year which had an average temperature of 18.8°C compared to 18.3°C this July. 

One rather strange weather fact for July is that it’s now our wettest month of the year averaging 68.3mm of rainfall over the last five years. You wouldn't think we'd had a wet month looking around the allotment which seems to have taken on an autumnal look already.
I suppose the problem is that the rainfall tends to come in the form of heavy downpours rather than steady rainfall throughout the month. A bit like only giving plants a good watering a couple of times a month which doesn't work.

After an excellent spell of weather in July it would be lovely if August continued in the same vein.


  1. It is surprising that July has been the wettest month. You're right about the downpours though, there was a huge one here earlier.

    1. I'd take some convincing myself if it wasn't for the fact I have the data from my weather station.


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