Saturday, 9 August 2014

Better Times Ahead?

Friday wasn't too bad a day until mid to late afternoon when the rain and thunder arrived. There were reports on the news regarding flash flooding in many parts of Yorkshire. Our daily rainfall total came to reasonably high 13.6mm but not excessive.
It’s around this time of year when I usually notice a fuchsia making a bid for freedom and heading out of a border and across the lawn. 
Normally I don't do anything at all apart from carefully mow around the edges of the fuchsia and lift it up to cut the grass beneath. As the summer goes on I get less and less careful about mowing around the plant until the one occasion when the mower takes on a life of its own and the fuchsia is decimated in a second becoming part of the grass clippings inside the mower collection box. This year I've taken pity on this poor plant, which makes the best of a bad job each year, and have taken a few cuttings.
This still leaves a few straggling shoots heading over the grass from the original plant. Most years it manages a few flowers before the inevitable mowering occurs. Perhaps I’ll be able to take a few later cuttings if these don't root.

Just to see if I could do a similar watering can to rainfall conversion for anybody who works in imperial units I reckon a 2 gallon watering can emptied over a one square yard area of allotment equates to 0.428 inches of rainfall. Unless of course you know better.


  1. Things are always being sucked into the lawnmower around here too. Hopefully those cuttings will root nicely before autumn. I've got some lavender I'm hoping will root as well.


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