Saturday, 30 August 2014

Reached the 100mm Mark

The return to summer didn't last that long as late Friday afternoon and into the evening we had some more rain. It was enough to extend our August rainfall above the 100mm level for the month. It’s only the 4th month in five years of weather records that we've passed the 100mm mark. Our five wettest months are shown in the table below.

The rainfall total in the chart was automatically updated on 29 August at 23:01 and since then a little more rainfall has lifted that total to 106.00mm.
August 2014 Rainfall
Friday morning had started out very pleasant lulling us into believing that summer may well have returned and we set off immediately after lunch for Stillingfleet Lodge Nurseries and garden to see if we could find the plants we are looking for to refurbish our borders. As you may have guessed the weather was lovely and sunny as we arrived although a bit breezy. Of course we hadn't been looking around the gardens for many minutes before it started to rain. We’re getting used to this happening by now.
After sheltering from the heaviest of the rain we continued our garden visit in a mixture of light rain and drizzle. Then a look around the nursery was a pleasant surprise. It’s a nursery that propagates all its own plants rather than buying in plants so you can actually buy the varieties you see in the garden. We came away with a nice collection which I'm leaving Sue to post about in detail later.


  1. The same here in Croatia. The summer was extremely moist and rainy. Not at all the one we used to know. And now, the mornings are pretty cold, was 6°C yesterday morning! Odd.

    1. I'm hoping we'll get a nice mild autumn.


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