Saturday, 16 August 2014

Rained Off - Big Time!

We set off just after lunch to visit RHS Harlow Carr. The weather wasn’t anything too special for August but not too bad a day. It’s a 45 minute trip to Harlow Carr but by the time we arrived the signs were there as dark storm clouds were gathering around and it was beginning to rain a little. We sat in the car for a few minutes until it stopped raining and decided to head from the car park and into the gardens.
As we started to walk around the gardens the sun made an effort to break through the clouds and it felt lovely and warm. We thought our luck might be in and the storm clouds might miss us.
It didn't look quite so promising looking in another direction. It seemed like a good idea to keep one eye on the developing storm and not venture too far away from any cover just in case the rain arrived. We've visited the gardens several times since early in the year and this was our first visit where the displays didn't perhaps live up to our expectations compared to other visits.
As we got to the main herbaceous borders - the main focus for our visit - it started spotting with rain. They were fairly large spots and we decided it was probably best that we made our way to find some cover just in case the rain became heavier. 
The sky didn't look too promising and we just found shelter in time as the rain poured down. It tipped for about half an hour before it eased enough for us to head for the car park. 
So we didn't manage a look around the kitchen garden. I’d like to know how those tomatoes planted in little pots on the top of straw bales have progressed. Another visit soon might be required.


  1. We've had several occasions recently when the rain has been "tropical" in its intensity - like that shown in your last photo. I wonder what foreign tourists make of our weather...?

    1. Cool and wet over the last few weeks but if they came in July they would have a very different opinion.

  2. The sky in the third photo from the end is spectacular. Glad you didn't get wet though! I'd be interested to hear about those tomatoes if you do go back again.


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