Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Week of Computer Issues

It wasn't that good a day for August but we decided on making a visit to Breezy Knees Gardens and Nursery located close to York. The chances were that it might not be the best of days to head in the direction of York. It meant heading in the direction of Bramham Park where the Leeds Music Festival is taking place and the Ebor race meeting at York as well as early Bank Holiday traffic heading along the A64 to the east coast. Luckily we didn't have any major traffic problems.
The gardens alone were well worth the visit and gave us some good ideas as to what to grow for colour in late August and into September.
What a pity that having spent a couple of hours looking around the gardens photographing and making notes of what we would like to grow these plants weren't available in the nursery. It’s not the only gardens or show where we've discovered something we would like to grow only to find it unavailable to buy. We can’t have been the only ones who didn't part with any money because having found the star varieties walking around the gardens the nursery didn't stock them. These plants are available to buy on the Internet so these nurseries seem to be missing out on some sales.

That brings me onto yet another computer issue. I was going to add some photos of the gardens to my Flickr account but for the second time in a few months I am unable to access my account. It’s linked to a BT account which I can access and view all the details of such as payments but it won’t let me look at any pictures. As I mentioned earlier, this is the second time that I have been locked out of my account with no means of rectifying the problem so I think it’s goodbye to Flickr. BT can’t help and can only suggest passing me on to Yahoo who will no doubt blame Flickr. I don’t intend to go down that line.

I have added an album to my Facebook account which can be found here.


  1. Breezy Knees, what a striking name! That's a fantastic photo of them, with a wonderful sky. Such a shame about your Flickr account, it's all very frustrating.

    1. I've given up on Flickr and I'm looking around for another web photo hosting site.

  2. We find the same thing here in Ireland when we visit gardens, plants we would like but not for sale at the nursery, we also end up having to buy on line which of course pushes the price up. It's as though these open garden like to boast as to what they have but don't want you to have it as well.

    1. It's nice to know that we aren't the only ones who have this problem.


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