Sunday, 17 August 2014

In the Middle of a Gale - Yes It Is August

I thought one bout of gale force winds was unusual enough for August but this year it’s excelling itself. It’s the middle of Sunday afternoon and a gale continues to blow as it’s done since the middle of the morning.
The first casualty was our Issai Kiwi blown over by a strong gust before lunchtime. In full leaf the supporting canes couldn't withstand the gale force winds and the three bamboo canes have all snapped. Fortunately I don’t think there’s any damage to the kiwi itself. After a few temporary repairs it was positioned behind the summer house to shelter it from the worst of the winds. 

Then after lunch, next in the firing line came our potted black elder and bird feeding station both blown over in the gale force winds.
I may as well leave them where they are until the wind dies down a bit.

On Monday 11 August I posted the table below to show how windy this August has been in comparison to recent Augusts.
Updated for this weekend’s windy weather the values now look like this.
It doesn't seem to be abating much yet. I wonder what’s happened to our runner beans and sweet corn on the plot?


  1. Gales here (northern ireland) too. Sun, rain, gales today. Hope your plants are ok.

    1. I'm sure they will survive Kelli - just a bit battered.

  2. Three big branches have been ripped off of my pear tree, it's starting to look a bit ridiculous. I hope you didn't have too much damage once everything was picked up.

    1. Trees just aren't up to gale force winds when they're in full leaf. We didn't loose any branches just a few shoots and twigs. Checking out the plot this afternoon.


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