Sunday, 3 August 2014

Does Size Matter?

The forecast for Saturday was correct. Whereas on Friday we more or less missed any rain and heavy showers that were about, we caught a couple on Saturday. Nothing too spectacular but I'm hoping the plot won't need watering for a few days, although with the total rainfall for the two days amounting to 5.4mm I doubt it will have done much more than wet the surface.

In our home and plot greenhouses Sungold tomatoes are continuing to ripen quickly and are keeping us supplied with extra tasty bite size tomatoes for our salads.
The remaining varieties are much slower to ripen and up to now we've only managed a couple of ripe larger tomatoes. All these varieties are larger fruiting types and I'm wondering if they are slower ripening as they've got a lot of extra growing to do compared to cherry types. 
This shows one of our larger Sungold tomatoes against a beefsteak tomato. Perhaps size really does matter after all.

Rightly or wrongly it seems to me that most things are starting to or even finishing cropping much earlier this year than normal. After picking the Sungold tomatoes in our home greenhouse I decided it might be time to try one of our Himrod grapes to see if they were sweet enough.
I only needed one to confirm that they still need a few more weeks of sunshine to complete the ripening process. Mind you I must admit that even in its unripe state this little grape had far more flavour than the cucamelon. We managed to pick another couple of fruits today and they didn't do anything to change our opinion that they aren’t worth growing.


  1. Your tomatoes and grapes look beautiful. My tomato plants are outside and not sure I'll get much of a crop as its not the warmest of spots for them, but fingers crossed.

    1. I'll have to take some photos of our tomatoes in the plot greenhouse. They're in a bit of a state.

  2. That's a nice supply of Sungolds. There's a trickle of them ripening here too. The grapes aren't anywhere near ready though.

    1. Our Sungolds could be almost finished before any other tomatoes start to ripen in our home greenhouse.


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