Friday, 15 August 2014

Bad Weather Day!

Thursday was a bad weather day in more ways than one. The weather itself wasn't too bad in the morning. I decided to cut the lawn first thing in the afternoon. As I was about to start edging it it started to rain. The sun was shining and I decided it would only be a shower so I sheltered in the greenhouse waiting for the shower to end. It didn't stop raining all afternoon and the edges of the lawn didn't get trimmed. It wasn't heavy rain but enough to stop any gardening.

The morning had been beset with computer issues. Some insidious piece of software had managed to sneak through all my virus protection systems and was busy installing flashing adverts all over blogger pages. Not something I could live with. In the end I finished up deleting and reinstalling Google Chrome which in turn had some effects on all my automated uploading of weather data. I'm hoping I've got all the issues resolved now.
In our home greenhouse the top trusses of Sungold tomatoes are ripening quickly. As I don’t believe in following that rule about stopping tomatoes after a few trusses have set these tomatoes do have one more set of trusses to ripen which are almost touching the greenhouse roof. At this rate Sungold will be over before other varieties start to turn in any great numbers. It’s the first variety on the list for next year.
These enormous beefsteak tomatoes aren’t showing any signs of turning but if they get much bigger we might have to cut them up to get them out of the greenhouse.

Spotted this lovely little forecast on the Met Office desktop widget for Ossett this morning (Friday).
I did suggest the other day that autumn might be here early but hail on Monday and look at that temperature for Tuesday only 14°C. Perhaps the forecast will change by the beginning of next week.


  1. I don't stop my Sungolds either, and they're quite a bit taller than me now. Sorry to hear about the computer problems, things like that are so frustrating and time consuming. Hope it's all sorted now.

    1. I think all my computer issues are sorted. I must admit I haven't stopped any of our tomatoes yet. I just leave them to their own devices and see what happens.

  2. Lovely update all my tomatoes are taller than me Yellow stuffer and a wild tomato I was sent from Germany by my seeded penpal hope you sorted you computer probs out

    1. Yellow Stuffer- what a fantastic name for a tomato.


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