Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Some Useful Rain

Monday was a nice summer’s day feeling much warmer in the afternoon sunshine than the 22.1°C registered by the thermometer. 

The ground was beginning to get a bit dry on the plot and I was considering giving some of our crops a drink on our next visit. Fortunately we had some heavy rain into the late evening so it’s probably saved me a job. 
Some running repairs were made to the allotment powerhouse or compost heap. Some of the old fencing panels were starting to show their age by turning into compost themselves. Our plot neighbour Jan had noticed I could make good use of some old fencing panels he had spare so with thanks to Jan these three panels have given our compost heap a rather “posh” look - well for an allotment at any rate.
In the autumn the rose will be cut back and a replacement panel inserted to complete the job.


  1. It is a rainy day here in Kentucky...which is a good thing for the gardens. Like you, I'm able to hold off on the watering for today!

    1. Hi Juliet F
      Trouble with our weather is once it starts raining it never knows when to stop.


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