Friday, 11 July 2014

A Garden Centre, Nature Reserve and a White Cloud

Thursday was another lovely summer’s day with almost unbroken sunshine from dawn to dusk.

In the morning we had a trip to Wentworth Garden Centre. Only around half an hour away it was the first time we’d visited. It had an impressive display of plants for sale and was very busy. It has its own gardens which for a small charge you can explore.
After a look around the gardens we headed for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s nature reserve at Potteric Carr. From previous visits we know that many of the birds test out the maximum zoom range of our cameras. One hide is suitably supplied with bird feeders to attract in the garden birds and on our previous visits this is a popular location for the squirrels looking for an easy meal. Thursday was no exception. 
I've had my Sony DSC HX300 camera set so that only the optical zoom of the lens is used. Today I decided to let the zoom operate in its digital range too and see if any worthwhile shots could be obtained.
Obviously there is some deterioration in the quality of the shots in the digital zoom range. The camera in this mode can be used as a telescope to scan the reserve for birds and at least get a picture even if only for identification purposes once downloaded onto a computer.

And the White Cloud, well you wouldn't expect us to come away from a garden centre well stocked with plants empty handed. 
This fragrant climbing rose White Cloud will be a new addition to our border. 


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