Thursday, 3 July 2014

Another Mild Month

The first two days of July have been very nice and mild with some long sunny spells. It’s been a bit chilly overnight though with the temperature dropping into single figures.

The last few months have all been on the mild side. The spell of mild months started back in December 2013 with each subsequent month averaging out on the mild side. What’s a little strange though is that we haven't had any extremely high monthly temperature  to achieve that above average record. The temperatures been mostly a little above average for most of the time both day and night.
The last temperature record set for any month was back on 01 August 2013 when the monthly high of 31.1°C was recorded. (A red or blue cross on the chart represents the hottest or coldest temperature I’ve recorded for that month since 2010. A red or blue diamond indicates the hottest or coldest temperature for that month over the last 12 months.) Since then nothing out of the ordinary either high or low. As our 2014 high temperature is currently 25.2°C set on the 18 May 2014 I would expect July to set a new high temperature record for the year.

Our experimental crop of cucamelons had been left to grow on in the greenhouse without much attention. The only problem is that they had attached themselves to our aubergines and sweet pepper plants. Once separated from their supports this left the cucamelon plants themselves requiring separating.
It took me some time to untwine the cucamelons but once this was completed they were moved into some larger pots. All the plants have tiny yellow flowers which have a tiny cucamelon forming a bit like a mini courgette.
After all this effort I'm hoping that these cucamelons live up to their billing and prove to be tasty little fruits. I’m wondering if these tiny fruits will develop as quickly as courgettes or cucumbers now that they've reached this stage. If that’s the case we should soon have something to sample.


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