Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blossom Ends Looking Good so Far - Fingers Crossed

Wednesday was a lovely summer’s day following on from yesterday’s thunderstorms.

Last year our crop of tomatoes growing in our home greenhouse were a complete disaster. Virtually all the tomatoes managed to finish up with blossom end rot. Fortunately as if to make up for this our tomatoes in the plot greenhouse produced a bumper crop. 
Home greenhouse tomatoes in July 2013
This is how our tomatoes looked last year. It wasn't as though we had to wait for them to turn red to know they weren't going to be any good. Once they’ve got blossom end rot that’s really the end of the story.

So far this year’s tomatoes in the home greenhouse are looking okay and haven’t yet started to develop the tell tale signs.
Home greenhouse tomatoes in July 2014
Last year’s disaster has made me a little bit paranoid and I keep having a look to make sure the tomatoes are okay. Then there’s the irregular watering that’s supposed to cause blossom end rot. What’s regular and what’s irregular watering? Should I water or not? I haven’t really got a system. I don’t like to let them get too dry especially if the weather turns sunny as temperatures in the greenhouse are suddenly in the high twenties centigrade even with the door and windows wide open and the plants dry out very quickly. I’m going on gut instinct and hoping that this year we get some ripe tomatoes from our home greenhouse.


  1. pleased the tomatoes are OK I think the potato blight was quite enough to be getting on with

    1. It's blight spraying day again today. At least the damage seems to be limited to our first earlies at the moment.


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